Digital Mraketing

Why is Digital Marketing?

Marketing builds brand. Marketing builds trust. Internal marketing by organizations boost up employee morale, external marketing increases customers confidence. Today’s marketing is not confined within the periphery of 4Ps or 7ps, there are 100s of Ps developed by marketers. But basics remain same, to gain trust of target audience. Marketing strategy is hugely data driven and it is even more so in the age of Digital Marketing. Seth Godin says ‘the internet is the noisiest communication medium ever developed at scale.” Why marketers are spending more and more money on digital platforms? What is so attractive about digital marketing tools and techniques?

One reason is the engagement of the customers. Customers can be engaged by marketers in digital marketing through various online platforms including Social Media. Today’s consumers spend more time in the virtual world than they spend in the shops and markets. Definition of showrooms has changed with the advent of E-commerce sites like Amazon and Myntra. As marketers are more interested in digital marketing, there are plenty of digital marketing jobs available in the market. To be eligible for Digital Marketing Jobs, one need to have sharp acumen for marketing, have good understanding of social media and follow search engine behaviour of Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and others. Companies have understood the requirement of Digital Marketing and today every organization that are into marketing are looking for people who have accomplished digital marketing certificate programs online or through contact programmes.

Now again coming to the core question what is digital marketing, we find that like any form of marketing, core function of digital marketing is brand promotion by connecting with target audience through digital media channels. Digital media channels comprise social media, various knowledge and discussion forums and even Government websites. People are increasingly spending time on their mobile phones, laptops, tabs etc. replacing traditional media like newspaper, radio and television. This trend is converging marketers towards digital media. Digital media is highly affordable and the effect can be gauged. The analytics reports of digital media enables marketer in chalking out right strategy for brand promotions. Content is the king in digital media. Organization share various contents to educate the customers about its products and services. Customers get to know details about various technical information by accessing websites. To handle digital marketing, one need to have done digital marketing certificate program. Google, Facebook, hubspot, linkedin are few popular sites who also run academy to offer digital marketing certificate programs online. But one cannot depend on certificate from one organization; to become an accomplished certified Digital Marketing professional, one need to have clarity on basics of marketing, accompanied by knowledge of various platforms. Institutions like Jag School of Transformative Skills offer online and contact programmes in Digital Marketing. After pursuing online or fulltime one year or 6 months digital marketing certificate programme, one becomes industry ready and can work as digital marketing professional with Government, NGOs, Corporate sector, Advertising Agencies, Media.  Digital marketing jobs are not only limited with big organizations but spread across all kind of organizations that need brand promotion.