Think Global, Act Local

Think Global, Act Local!

How to reach out online to the people around you!

Online marketing has changed the landscape of interaction between buyers and sellers. Phone book has become a thing of past, replaced by search engines. Online directories, review sites, social networks are new avenues for advertising to the local audience. When a marketer is interested in reaching out to the local audience, he may focus towards the target audience through local marketing tools. We know that through internet we are accessible from all over the world. So, if we are running a gym and has a website, we may be visible to all across the globe. May be the gym is located in South Delhi but people from West Delhi will be able to see our services, even people from West Bengal or Nepal can also see the Gym’s offerings. But it is extremely unlikely that someone from West Bengal will avail the services of our Gym situated at south Delhi. To reach the people only and solely in South Delhi, we need local advertising. Local advertising is showing our ads to the people in our locality who are likely to avail our services or buy the products offered by us. Local advertising online can be done through different channels like social media sites, local directories like Sulekha or Just Dial or search engines.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is used by many marketers for paid advertisements. We can restrict views of our advertisements only to the people in our locality in most of the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. For example, if we are bidding for a ‘flower and gift items’ we may run the campaign in a way only to bid when a person types the key word ‘flower’ or ‘ gift item’ within say 10 kilometres of our shop.

And local advertising is not limited to search engines, social media sites like face book and LinkedIn also allow local advertising. The social media can find out the locality of the people and target a particular locality to make the ads visible. The advertiser also gets to know the total number of people who are available in a locality in that particular social media platform. One may run the advertisement with relevant local messages to nearby people.

Apart from social media or search engines, review sites and local directories can also be targeted by the advertises. When local listings are mostly free, by paying an extra premium, one gets premium location in the search engine display and even can feature in the competitor’s listings.

If you are into the business of restaurant, retailing or offering tutorial services, your target audience will be mostly from the local crowd. It makes perfect sense for you to target this audience instead of running an ad campaign across the entire state or country. Further one can show the advertisement only during the time the shop or restaurant is open or list the shop timing. Listing in the business directories also allow to list the timing of the outlet.

Local advertising allows you to save money and reach to right potential customers with localized content and increase your business. A course in Digital Marketing enables you to master the skills of local advertising. Jag School of Transformative Skills (JSTS) is a premier Delhi based Institute in the country offering programmes in Digital Communication, Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing. JSTS programme can make one an effective Digital Communicator.