The Best Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter is one fast paced and vibrant platform. The majority of India’s population is yet to come onboard, but globally it is the most engaged and network oriented social media platform. This goes to show that there is an immense amount of potential for growth, and as an aspiring digital marketer, it’s time to learn the ins, outs and best tools to help you increase twitter followers.

  1. Crowdfire: This tool allows you to utilize your twitter campaigns time more productively by helping you get rid of excess baggage such as inactive twitter accounts in addition to helping you find reach out to those people who could potentially be interested in your campaigns.
  2. Hootsuite: You absolutely should use this tool not just for Twitter, but to integrate all your social platforms into 1 undefeatable mound of information and engagement. You can add as many accounts from the same social channels with the paid version. To top it all off, it allows access to an array of super helpful insights all in one place.
  3. Twitonomy: This is a visually appealing tool just for Twitter. It graphically shows you analytics on your mentions, replies, retweets, hashtags and much more. You can also simply save all this crucial data for your team with just 1 click and it’ll be on an excel/pdf document. But wait, the best part is yet to come! Twitonomy allows  you insights and analytics to all the accounts you follow and your own followers too! Magic!
  4. Buffer: Sometimes the simplest of factors, such as the time you post your tweet, can affect how well it goes with your followers. Buffer allows you to schedule particular tweets to go out at the time most of your engaged following is online, which means it reaches a larger audience and creates engaging conversation.
  5. TweetReach: This is a tool you can use on the go since it allows you to get your hands on an instant analytics report for certain usernames, hashtags or keywords. It will tell you the top URLs and hashtags related to your inputs in relation to audience response. TweetReach is great for conducting a competitive analysis and figuring out what works well for your own twitter campaigns.
  6. Paper.Li: This unique app allows you to collect Tweets from the people you follow and presents it to you in a newspaper format, which can then be shared on your own Twitter handle, or other social media handles. It’s inbuilt algorithm will find the most engaging and relevant information for you and audience, which can greatly boost your following.
  7. GroupTweet: This app is great if you are part of a larger social media team that handles different accounts on rotation, or if you are about to live tweet an event. GroupTweet allows your team to Tweet from the same account without sharing your password. It also has the function of smart scheduling, custom tweet formats and much more.
  8. This is a great tool that simply allows you to shorten any URL you are sharing in your tweet. Additionally you can access the dashboard to get basic analytics and track the link’s clicks, also you can directly share on any social platform from there.