Online Opportunities for Marketers

Are you feeling hungry? Do you want ordering food? Want to travel outstation? Need an air ticket? Planning to go for a movie? Book a ticket? Need an appointment with a Doctor? All your problems might be different but solution lies in one place. For all the above queries, the common thread is searching online for meeting your need. Online world has become part of our day to day life today. And these allows immense opportunity for the businesses that are online. E-commerce is not limited to shopping sites but forays into travel, entertainment, E-learning, medication etc. So, whether you run your own business or work for a business, it makes sense for you to get into the digital world.

Marketers have encashed into the opportunities existing online. To grow a business, progressive managers are going online. The marketing opportunities can be classified into Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These three are major components of Digital Marketing.

In case of any query we have, we usually look into a search engine. There are various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Now through its search algorithm, a search engine tries to give its client the most relevant search results. Relevance depends on quality of content. When you have unique content meeting the search criterion of an internet searcher, your content will appear in front of the user of the search engine. Usually people limit their searches within the first page. Hence there is fierce competition for lakhs of websites to feature in the first page. More relevant and unique content one has more are the chances of appearing at the top. The strategy and implementation of the online contents to increase views of the website or posts is termed as search engine
optimization. In case one is unable to feature at the top positions in organic searches, there is an option of paid advertisements in search engines. These places are auctioned for various keywords
and limited number of URLs appear at the top under the paid advertisement category. Auction rate is depended on the quality of the advertisement too as the search engines are committed to provide relevant results to its clients. We may say that organic search engine results depend on content strategy and search engine optimization while inorganic or paid ads are termed as search engine marketing. For running a paid campaign in a search engine, one needs to have digital skill sets of running search engine advertisement.

Social media is a medium which have huge number of people spending their leisure time. People look for social media not only for making friend or socializing but even for a market place. Many
queries related to our day to day life are answered in social media. Social media like Facebook is being used even as a market place. In social media again apart from our postings, there are options
of running paid advertisement. Reviews in social media are given importance by fellow users. Social media is gaining lot of popularity amongst marketers and marketers are ready to spend a decent budget for their social media presence.

A combination of Social Media Marketing, Search engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization make the core of a digital campaign. Digital Marketing Manager needs to pay attention to all these three aspects of digital media. A course in Digital Marketing enables a learner to acquire digital marketing skill sets. Digital Marketing Manger course offered by Jag School of Transformative Skills (JSTS) is a good option for learning digital marketing.