Make Your ADS Mobile

In this fast pace world, people spend much time at their smartphones than they do on computers or laptops. Mobile these days have become so popular that an individual can forget the keys of the car but not the mobile. The mobile has become a permanent member of an individual’s life, In-fact the Smart companies and businesses are catching on and putting more efforts in reaching these potential customers through mobile advertising. Mobile advertising helps you to achieve different things as you can get more phone calls and inquires, it helps people to drive into your website or shop more easily and frequently. Through mobile advertising you can create your own app of your store or website and it will help you to advertise when people will download your app.

Mobile advertising also gives various unique opportunities to connect with the users while maximum population is involved in using mobiles. Mobile advertising helps to engage these customers easily and they can be involved in your advertising target easily. For instance, you can target potential customers based on their location or offer useful tools like “click-to-call”.

Your business’ approach to mobile advertising will depend a lot on your targeted audience and overall business goals. Your website can show up in search results and you can also run ads that will appear when people will search key terms related to your business, company or industry. Say you are an advertiser and you want to target people looking for colleges or universities in your own town. Your search ads might appear when people search terms like best colleges in Delhi, mass communication courses etc. You should try to focus on shorter keywords and phrases as mobile users might use their thumbs when it comes to typing on phone; they search differently on a computer. You can also use display ads to target people who are browsing mobile sites. The ads can appear in text, image or video form, on those websites.

As mobile ads are naturally short, so they should present a strong, concise message with a clear call to action. You can post your ads in your mobile apps which will be easy for you to reach the targeted customer who are involved in downloading your app as it results into the specific people interested in your company, website or industry. Mobile ads are very much important for advertising and as not all mobile devices are the same, so another useful trick is customising ads. That way, they’ll work well across a variety of screens.

Unique way to do mobile advertising is to use short, clear and sweet text in your ads. You can also use what are called “ad extensions” in media language. There are special features that will help people view 360 degree photos of your facilities online, or get directions to your organization, industry or business. These features will help an individual to locate you easily. As it is found that searches are more in mobile devices compared to other devices, mobile advertisement is a key component of any marketing campaign. Marketer need to acquire thorough knowledge of mobile marketing. A short-term course on mobile marketing should help a marketer to use various tools and techniques of mobile marketing effectively. JSTS’s programme of Digital Marketing covers mobile marketing extensively in their curriculum.

Contributed by: Vidhi Mishra