How to present your business online?

Before deciding to take your business online, one needs to ask the question, why do I need to be online? Whether we want to meet more customers and interact, want to create a desire or just generate information; our need for going online can be various. E-commerce deals as well can be the purpose of going online.

Once, we have decided to go online, we are likely to build our own home online, that is the website. But website is not necessarily the first step. A lot can be achieved by simply listing our business in online business directories. Maybe we wish to sell books, if we list our business online, interested buyers will be able to know the type of books we sell, their availability etc. Second, we may thing about creating a social media page. Social media page can give us an elaborated online presence with the chance of creating an impact in the consumer’s mind. Our business goal can also evolve over time. An initial goal of creating awareness about the brand can change later to a goal of creating customer enquiries. As per the business goal, our online strategy needs to be framed. Nowadays website is not the only home, people wish to build online. There are mobile apps which are convenient for customers to use in their phones or tabs. Apps come with possibilities such as loyalty programme, sending reminders about scheduled appointments, other notifications.

Now once our home, that is the website is ready, we need to present this in front of the entire world. We want more and more people to visit our home. How do we get discovered online? There are two techniques to boost our online presence. Search Engine Optimization is the way to organically improve ranking of our website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is technical in nature but the basic is simple. Search engines want to give their customers the best possible result as per their search criterion. A website which is most relevant in terms of offerings of its products or services to the customers’ search is likely to appear in front of the customer. Identifying the right keywords and preparing content in line with customers search and our product offering is the content planning in SEO. More appropriate the content, better is ranking in the organic search. Apart from SEO, there is SEM i.e. Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Marketing is the paid advertisement space offered by the search engines. To make appropriate ad copy one needs to again make the list of relevant keywords and bid for the keywords in the search engines. People do not only use search engines in the internet. There are various websites related to sports, news,
entertainment browsed by millions. One can run advertisements in this network too. This is called display ads.

Social media enables a brand build relationship with its customers. It leads to engagement. Social network like Face Book, Twitter, Instagram make a brand engage socially with its customers and interested audience. In social media one needs to be very active and responsive to the queries of the customers. Social media also allow paid advertisements and one can target customers as per demography and location. We can choose the geographical, location, age group, sex of the customers as per our marketing strategy.

E-mail marketing is another avenue for successful marketing. Email marketing is not about sending junk mails that are mostly not opened by customers. Objective of email marketing is to disseminate relevant information to target customers.

We may summarize that to present our business online, we nay look for search engines, other websites, social media and emails.

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