Get Started with Content Marketing

Content marketing or inbound marketing engage and educate audience of an organization. Engaged audience often take interest in the product and services of the company. Through various promotional offers and call to action, these audience or potential customers can be turned into actual customers. Content marketing helps in customer retention as well. In content marketing the organizations create and share online material like Vlogs, Blogs, Social Media Posts. These contents generate interest in the products or services offered by the company. Content should be able to capture people’s attention. Interesting and engaging content creation are the foremost challenge for any marketer. Appropriate content direct target group to the website of the company. Virality is not an exact measure of success of content. One needs the content to generate interest among the target segment. Suppose, a company selling stationary for school students creates an advertisement that becomes popular among DINKS (Double Income No Kids), then the advertisement is a waste from the perspective of marketers.  Content should be able to create brand awareness, build trust and achieve recognition among target audience. Segmentation and selection of target audience are first two tasks for the marketers. Segmentation is identifying various homogeneous groups based on their demography or other characteristics. Marketers like to target the preferred segments based on their return on investment of marketing budget.

Various types of contents popular worldwide are:

Blogs: Blogs are usually published as a subsection of a website. The blogs can be authored by guests or the company employ. Blogs can give the website good publicity. Blogs should be able to generate interest amongst the readers. When the readers find contents of the blogs informative and useful, they often become more engaged and visit the website looking for new write ups and articles.

Infographics: Infographics are creative ways of explaining data and knowledge visually. This kind of content work well with online audience due to their visual appeal and easy to follow format.

Ebooks :  Publication of E-books helps a  company to establish its credential as an expert in the field. E- books are easy to read guides with educational content on a particular topic.

Videos: Videos can include testimonials from customers, product or service training or tutorials. They allow brand to create attractive and engaging content for consumption of the target group.  

Other widely used content format are press releases, webinars, reviews and case studies.

The content should begin with good hook that attract the audience. The content should always be created, keeping in mind the target audience. Content format and presentation should have consistency and it should be published regularly. “Call to action” or CTA at the end of the content is quite valuable. Every content has a goal in terms of target audience and reach. Once the content goal is identified, it can be tracked and performance can be measured. Marketer needs to explore specific metrics that could help improve the content marketing. It is useful to pursue a complete course on digital marketing or online marketing. Jag School of Transformative Skills (JSTS), New Delhi offers full time as well as online programme in Digital Marketing. Students can obtain certificate course in Digital Marketing with training in content creation, content marketing and digital business from JSTS.