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Digital Marketing – What It is and Why Every Business Today Needs It

It’s the word of the hour, ‘Digital Marketing’. Today, most people understand that the world of marketing has drastically shifted from TV commercials and newspaper ads, literally into the hands/lap of a regular person. What I mean is, no one is looking around at billboards or reading newspapers anymore, well at least no one from this generation. And you know what they say, the future is in the hands of the children. So for any business to survive, and stand a fighting chance of reaching it’s 5 year goals, it must adapt to the current digital trends. And that means being available to your audience on all devices/platforms (that are relevant to your business). You need to be seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google search, Youtube ads, website display ads, email newsletters, apps, and what not. Once you are present, then the real work begins.

It is no longer enough to just have a facebook page, or an instagram handle, or a basic website where your good and services can be showcased, we must now have a proper strategy planned and executed geared to funnel traffic or leads to your various platforms. We must look at it like this, each platform is an opportunity to create a new shop. Not just a basic shop, but an intersection of shop, publication, chatroom, and entertainment center. As the digital realm has expanded, so has the expectation and filters of the people who are surfing it. It’s not enough anymore to just have an image of your product/service and then ask people to buy it. No, it’s much more than that. The push strategy can only be utilized sometimes, and if a brand keeps pushing, their clientele will automatically start ignoring their presence on various platform.

What is the pull strategy? It is projection of through leadership via your brand within your certain industry. You must be at the forefront of generating content and information that is accurate, intriguing and helpful for your consumer. If you are a clothes brand, you need to keep publishing blogs about relevant trends, opinions on the current fashion landscape, contests for free giveaways, and associations with other strong entities in the industry. This will project your brand as a leader, and allows your customer to gauge whether they can trust your brand with their money, because truth be told, there is much more competition now than there was a mere 10 years ago.

Why is that you ask? Because the barrier of entry of starting a business today is almost next to nothing. If an individual has basic understanding of digital skills, then setting up a free wordpress site is a few days work, and voila! You’ve got an online store. We don’t need physical real-estate to set up shop anymore, almost anything and everything can be done online.

The downside to this is that there is a lot of noise that your business must strive to rise above. Still, it gives the regular person a chance to start something they love. All that is required is time, and understanding of the current digital landscape and how to make the most of this interconnected world has to offer.

This can be quite overwhelming information for a layman to absorb, so how does one go about it? Well, the answer is an obvious one, via education. Nothing in this world is impossible if we have the patience to understand and break it down. That is why you must look for the right sources of information and the most updated and practical-driven digital marketing training institute in delhi.