India’s 1st Leadership Program in Digital Media & Communications

Digital Communication Leadership Program (DCLP)

The Jag School of Transformative Skills (JSTS) has designed its Digital Communication Leadership Programme in a manner that it encompasses all the functions of the digital ecosystem.

Over 95% of all communication and financial transactions in the government, private and not for profit sector in the future will be digital in nature. Thus, digital literacy will be key to success in the world now. Those who MASTER at least one aspect of Digital Communication will find it easy to find leadership positions in today’s world.

Our DCLP program has been designed to ensure that every human caterpillar in the program will be transformed into a human Butterfly. One who can fly and will look beautiful due to their unique skill, experience and portfolio of work. The course curriculum majorly focuses on three fundamentals of the Digital world – Digital Media Production, Digital Marketing, and Digital Business.

Digital Communication Leadership Program approaches the vast and recent fields of digital communication from an interdisciplinary and international point of view bringing together advanced academic discussion with practical knowledge and skills. The programme doesn’t confine the learning of students to just one of two facets of the digital media. It develops a method in which a student accelerates in the usage, designing and the implementation of digital media and communication.

The course has been designed after consultations with industry experts, and the emphasis in on raising accomplished digital media leaders. The objective of the course is to make you self-reliant. You create and curate content, you market it, and you develop a business model as well.

The programme will place students in a position to recognize fundamental contexts in the fields of communication, leadership, management and design; to apply scientific and design methods or insights, and to develop creativity in the various fields of digital communication. In the process, you should acquire the ability to analyze information carriers critically



Transformation Process

Conventional Media is converging towards Digital Media at a fast pace. A student who works in an environment that has Digital Media Lab gets an opportunity to acquaint herself with the latest technologies and best practices followed in the Digital Business Environment. Courses in Digital Media Production, Digital Marketing, and Digital Business prepare him for future leadership roles in the MNCs, NGOs, PSUs and Government Departments.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Growth and User Acquisition
  • Online Sales
  • Digital Advertising Strategy

Outcome of the Course

At the end of the programme, students will have undergone various introductory and immersive courses as per their choice of specialization or tracks. These tracks prepare them with the required skill-set to pursue jobs in the areas of Content Creation, Online Sales, Analytics, Digital Business Planning, Digital Marketing & Management. They are equipped with skills to use various tools for Social Media and Ads, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Project Management & Online Collaboration, Video and Media Creation and Analytics.

Why study with JSTS?

Why DCLP at JSTS ?

JSTS has developed a 360 Degree Digital Ecosystem for the training and development of the students undergoing the program. The Institute has its own Digital Production Unit, Digital Marketing Unit and Digital Business Unit. All these three units cater to the industries requirements and offer consulting services in digital space.

You should join JSTS for a complete transformation into a leader in digital space. JSTS transforms you by putting you at task on the live projects through its various digital labs insuring that you are ready to stand out of the crowd in the Digital space.

JSTS accomplishes the above through
  • Robust Learning Management System
  • Highly Proficient trainers and industry experts.
  • Practical exposure to latest Digital Marketing Channels and Trends
  • Rich Portfolio as per Industry Requirements
  • Paperless Learning through the aid of modern tools
  • Digital Media Labs that allow for active interactions with industry experts, peers, and mentors.
  • Hand-on practice on Digital Marketing Tools (across various channels) to rise up the corporate ladder
  • Insights into how businesses in different sectors are succeeding using Digital Marketing.
  • Develop and execute successful Digital Marketing Strategies for different industries.
  • Online Training with LIVE interactive lectures that provides a “real” classroom experience in a “virtual” environment.
  • Extensive learning aid and tools in developing original case studies, presentations, business plans
  • Certification from International Universities alongside Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other Certifications.

Digital Media Lab

Jag School of Transformative Skills stresses the significance of practical learning, mindful of media and entertainment industry’s constant demand for experienced writers, video producers, and multimedia journalists.

The most dynamic part of DCLP is the Digital Media Lab Students would be put through live cases, simulated situations, practical hands-on applications, project work, number crunching analytics, and a host of other exciting stuff, to help them internalize their learning effortlessly.

Certification Framework

The DCLP programme has been curated and structured by JSTS with inputs from academia and industry experts. The programme has been benchmarked against the best offered globally.

On successful completion of the programme, students will receive: “Certificate in Digital Communication and Leadership” from JSTS

Based on the modules chosen by the students, additional certificates from one or more of the following institutes can be obtained by the successful students.

Business Incubation Support

Digital Communication Leadership Programme offered from JSTS has its own Business Incubation Centre. The Business Incubation lab supports the budding entrepreneurs with various aspects of setting up a new business or scaling up an existing business. The support includes guidance in terms of arrangement of finance, project planning and innovative ideas.

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Digital media has made its inroads into almost every aspect of our lives, making it imperative for the media and the corporate world to have digital media leaders. It forms the foundation of arts and entertainment and even political campaigns. The politicians don’t rely on outdated modes of campaigning anymore. They deliver a speech at one place, but it is broadcast live at several places, thereby increasing their appeal and reach. At the click of a mouse, you can interact with somebody sitting on a different continent and seek as well as offer opportunities.

Some of the Job Profiles are given below

  • Brand Growth Manager
  • eCommerce Category Manager
  • Growth Marketer/Hacker
  • Product Manager
  • Growth and User Aquisition Manager
  • Inside Sales Manager
  • Digital Business Strategist
  • Reporter
  • Anchor
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Community Manager
  • PR & Influence Manager
  • Communication Strategist
  • Content Strategist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • User Acquisition Manager
  • Video Editor
  • Journalist
  • SAAS Software Sales Executive
  • Enterprise Sales Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Digital Advertising Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Radio Jockey
  • Photographer
  • Startups

  • MNCs

  • Government

  • Non Profit Organizations
    Non Profit Organizations

  • Political Parties
    Political Parties

All students would walk away with the following content as projects

  • Highly optimized Social Media Profiles
  • Videos and Short Films
  • Their own Podcasts on SoundCloud
  • Marketing plans and strategy for real world companies
  • Revenue Models and Business Plans for real world companies
  • Actual Ads campaign and reports on Ads spending
  • Customer Acquistion Funnel for an e-Commerce company
  • Drip Email Sequence for Engaging customers online
  • Landing Pages for selling products online
  • Pitch Decks for a hypothetical company
  • SEO Audit report for actual companies
  • Google Analytics reports and outcome for actual companies

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