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7 Learning Management System Tips

1.  Grab the attention : Start with some cool facts or tell a relating story. In the history of mankind, stories have always been a crucial part when it comes to passing the knowledge. So we’re pretty much “programmed” to listen to them. 2.  Have a user friendly platform : If it takes much time and effort […]

IPL : Learning for Digital Marketer

The most awaited and glamorous event of the year in India is IPL cricket matches and everybody around here is excited about it. This is more exciting for the cricket lovers and the fans of IPL including all the cricketers around the globe who collect themselves together to celebrate cricket. In order to grab people’s […]

Top Hacks in Social Media

Social networking sites reverberate up with new traits in the respective platforms to keep the interest of the people constant. It can be a difficult task to cope up with the change of every minute feature of these social media platforms, especially if no big announcements are made regarding implementation of the changes and updates. […]

How to present your business online?

Before deciding to take your business online, one needs to ask the question, why do I need to be online? Whether we want to meet more customers and interact, want to create a desire or just generate information; our need for going online can be various. E-commerce deals as well can be the purpose of […]

Online Opportunities for Marketers

Are you feeling hungry? Do you want ordering food? Want to travel outstation? Need an air ticket? Planning to go for a movie? Book a ticket? Need an appointment with a Doctor? All your problems might be different but solution lies in one place. For all the above queries, the common thread is searching online […]

Make Your ADS Mobile

In this fast pace world, people spend much time at their smartphones than they do on computers or laptops. Mobile these days have become so popular that an individual can forget the keys of the car but not the mobile. The mobile has become a permanent member of an individual’s life, In-fact the Smart companies […]

Think Global, Act Local!

How to reach out online to the people around you! Online marketing has changed the landscape of interaction between buyers and sellers. Phone book has become a thing of past, replaced by search engines. Online directories, review sites, social networks are new avenues for advertising to the local audience. When a marketer is interested in […]

Get Started with Content Marketing

Content marketing or inbound marketing engage and educate audience of an organization. Engaged audience often take interest in the product and services of the company. Through various promotional offers and call to action, these audience or potential customers can be turned into actual customers. Content marketing helps in customer retention as well. In content marketing […]

Why is Digital Marketing?

Marketing builds brand. Marketing builds trust. Internal marketing by organizations boost up employee morale, external marketing increases customers confidence. Today’s marketing is not confined within the periphery of 4Ps or 7ps, there are 100s of Ps developed by marketers. But basics remain same, to gain trust of target audience. Marketing strategy is hugely data driven […]

5 Effective Ways to Generate B2B Leads on Linkedin

Most social media platforms and digital marketing tools are optimized for business to customer relationships. But when it comes to business to business or B2B marketing, a lot of the regular platforms we turn to fall quite short. When LinkedIn began, it was a tiny professional networking site, but as time as progressed it has […]

Digital Marketing – What It is and Why Every Business Today Needs It

It’s the word of the hour, ‘Digital Marketing’. Today, most people understand that the world of marketing has drastically shifted from TV commercials and newspaper ads, literally into the hands/lap of a regular person. What I mean is, no one is looking around at billboards or reading newspapers anymore, well at least no one from […]

Five Career Options in Media that Make You Fall in Love with Your Jobs!

The world of media is an oyster for you if you are creative, passionate and constantly looking for challenges in life. The industry is a hub of talent and it produces plethora of ingenious content round the year. Imagine being in the middle of such a sea where there is so much positive energy and […]