Linkedin B2B Marketing

5 Effective Ways to Generate B2B Leads on Linkedin

Most social media platforms and digital marketing tools are optimized for business to customer relationships. But when it comes to business to business or B2B marketing, a lot of the regular platforms we turn to fall quite short. When LinkedIn began, it was a tiny professional networking site, but as time as progressed it has transformed into a huge platform that most of the world professional network through.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & other platforms that claim to provide B2B leads cannot be relied on professionally. But one thing can be said with certainty, LinkedIn works. According to InsideSales, social media is overused if we were to take a step back and consider the amount of actual usable leads that come out of it.

In real numbers, LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a business’s social media leads, but only if it’s done right! Here are a few tips to get you on the road to successful and convertible leads.

  1. Gear your Current Page towards Lead Generation:

Leads don’t just fall into your lap, we must create a flow of information that is unique from the basic company profile to intrigue onlookers and potential leads. You must change the information you offer to create a pipeline for LinkedIn lead generation to actually happen. Firstly, change your header image to something that catches the eye. This is only the hook; next you must have a clear and compelling pitch in your company description. Usually, most pages are bland and talk about the history of the company, how many offices they have and so on. None of that will help you generate leads, you’ve got to take this opportunity to talk to your target audience and entice them to convert right then and there.

The first two lines are most important since those are the only 2 that are visible without having to click the ‘see more’ button. Stick to defining your target audience, sharing the value proposition and the service you provide. Now that the user in interested in your company, you must ensure that the website you’ve listed is as ready to funnel conversions. Another tip is to make the pages Recent Updates section clickable, in case your viewer skips the website section.

  1. Have a Showcase Page:

These pages can be created from your company page, to segment your inbound traffic. They are specifically made for B2b leads LinkedIn. These pages are intended to develop long term relationship with a specific audience. Pretty much encompassing the goals of B2B marketing, So it’s absolutely crucial to have one if you are looking to develop leads. Some perks of a showcase page are a larger header image, above-the-fold update posts, and more links to your company.

  1. Look for Leads:

You can’t rely on leads finding you, must actually go out and look for them too. One main benefit of LinkedIn is the advanced search feature. Use it to the max by optimizing your search by location, current company, industry, past company and event nonprofit interests. The results are more often than not people who you should start developing relationships with to convert them into leads. Another quick tip is to save your advanced search settings so you can later go back and do some further digging.

  1. Tap into The Magic of Groups:

Like Facebook groups, LinkedIn also has a plethora of groups to choose from to engage with people of similar interest or searching for similar things. There are over 2 million groups on LinkedIn currently, but you must choose wisely since they only allow you to be a part of 50 groups at a time. Be careful not to be a part of a group that is too big for you to have any say, or too small to have any way to nurture leads. Make sure the group is highly active too; otherwise it will be a waste of time. But, what’s better than a highly active group that you and the other members are engaged in? A highly active group that you and the other members are highly engaged in that you have started. Once you become a moderator, and start gaining recognition and leadership in the industry, you can convert leads authoritatively.

  1. Publish Content:

LinkedIn is great platform to share informative content and have it taken seriously. Simply put, the people browsing through LinkedIn are already filtered from the thrill and entertainment seekers that are on other social platforms. Hence the rate of valid leads is automatically higher